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Enjoy tasting good wine!

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Your group (10 to 100 persons) will be treated to a Good Tastings event that is fun, educational and entertaining.
Good Tastings' knowledgeable wine experts will guide your group through a tasting - featuring a selection of different wines from around the world.

In each Good Tastings event, your group will learn about

  • selecting wine for any type of food - from Peking Duck to rack of lamb
  • price and quality - not the same thing - and finding true values
  • wine varietals: shiraz, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, riesling, etc.
  • wine makers: the finest from Europe, the Americas, Down Under, etc.
  • wine regions: Beaujolais, Otago, Barossa, Mendoza, Sonoma, etc.
  • specific wines - learn to identify your favorites
  • buying wine, storing, decanting and "the restaurant wine ritual"
  • tasting techniques - what to taste for
  • using your senses - to enjoy the aromas, the flavors, the colors and the "mouthfeel"

    Detailed tasting notes help each taster to understand the terminology and the vintages as well as those pesky hard-to-pronounce names.


    WHAT'S NEW...

    our latest TASTES:
    Wellington Pinot Noir 1999
    Hewitson Old Garden 2000

    some recent TIPS - Q&A:

  • freedom wine
  • tannic panic
  • girlfriend knows wine?

    recent Good Tastings:
    March 1:
    Riesling from A & NZ

    Aug. 24:
    The Importance of the Grape

    May 11:
    Sauvignon Blanc Goes Global

    up-coming Good Tastings:
    May 10 and May 17: at Red Fan Communications in Austin, Texas

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  • Good Tastings entertains groups of all kinds:
  • corporate events
  • celebrations
  • private parties
  • anniversaries
  • executive training
  • club events

    Good Tastings comes to your diningroom, conference room, ballroom, club or favorite event space. Tasters sample several different wines, ranging in price from HK$69 to HK$490 - with an emphasis on wines that are commonly encountered in the restaurants and shops of Hong Kong.

    Tasters rave:

  • "...definitely the best way to learn about wine - short of spending a year in Bordeaux!"
  • "...more confident at restaurants.... Used to be I didn't know a Châteauneuf-du-Pape from a Chateaubriande"
  • "...never realized that other people were as confused about wine as I was...."
  • "...should be required for anyone who ever dines out, especially in this town!"
  • "The bar has been lifted on all future wine tastings..."

    Good Tastings is ....
    Based in Austin, Texas, Good Tastings has done wine tastings from Hong Kong to California to New York City. Rick Capstraw and other Good Tasters have made many contributions to this website.



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    Good Tastings.



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